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"...the perfect lyric soprano voice."

- Cincinnati Inquirer

"A star-to-be... a spring-water timbre, expert decoration and fabulous staccatos, and a telling way with text."

- Opera Magazine (UK)

"Van Doren sang gloriously, with subtle inflection, dynamic sensitivity and spunky charm...”

- Financial Times

"...a beguilingly vivacious presence and, even better, a first-class musician, with the instincts and technique to ​bring Handel's treacherously intricate music to life."​

- Opera News

“The alluring Russian-American soprano Yulia Van Doren​ stole the show....Her luscious voice has a pure, shining high extension, and she sailed through the coloratura leaps, plunges and flourishes with uncanny ease.”

- Chicago Tribune

​ “...Russian-American soprano Yulia Van Doren brought charm and a bell-like purity to her arias...”
- The Huffington Post


"This year’s big revelation is young American soprano Yulia Van Doren... a ravishing lyric voice and an ease with vocal ornamentation that turned her into an enchanted songbird."

- Toronto Star

"One tends not to realize how often singers bring the repertoire along for the ride until hearing someone like Van Doren, who is startlingly subservient to the music at hand, inhabiting it so completely that she gives the illusion of barely thinking about her voice. Never does one sense a separation between the written vocal line and the voice singing it."

- Philadelphia Inquirer

"...a voice no less than spectacularly beautiful...

- Seen and Heard International

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